Bluetooth audio in Workshop

This was a quick project making a Bluetooth audio box for the workshop, because old radio device was drifting away from station all the time. It took me some time to ripe for this as it is time consuming and costs extra money to get speakers, power unit and some buttons. The audio Bluetooth module has been laying around for some time already on the table waiting for the right moment.

Initially it was planned to add a USB fast charging port, but it took too long to arrive and I have skipped this idea, but if you plan to replicate same you definitely should add one, then you can charge your phone while listening to music.

In this post I have listed some images on how it was made and box drawings as well as list of components used, in case you plan to replicate the same.

Rotating box

Link to drawings of box assembly.


If you need additional information, other drawings or assembly file do not hesitate, let me know.

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