Followup on KUKA share directory

With current workflow that I have there are some places where I have some rough edges where time is lost. When program code has been generated on offline workstation and when that has been moved to share directory it is not available or displayed to default user. To make it available i have to log in Expert user, then share directory is available and copying files is possible. That needs and can be changed!

User interface on pendant, buttons, commands and display settings are edited in special application called “KrcConfigurator.exe” which is used to aid in setting change that are stored in registry.  Full Path for this utility is:


In same place you can find manual where all tabs are described.

krc configurator
KRC Configurator folder with application and help file

So I have 2 things that i need to change: one is to make shared directory available for my default user and enable copy/paste functionality for same user. This can serve as a reference manual, I have captured my changed functionality in pictures.

Make share drive visible

Let’s start with adding network storage to default user. In Display tab you can match display levels for default user and for example Expert user. In this case we will copy of some what we have for Expert user. One that default user was missing is check mark for “NET” in Displayed volumes window. See image below.

Adding NET to displayed volumes

After applied settings here are results, network drive is available for user.

Enabled network storage volume

When that is done Share drive is available for default user, but we can not copy and paste anything yet, that has to be enabled elsewhere in different tab so let’s move to next step.

Enable Copy and Paste functionality

To enable this magic for our default user we have to go to Methods tabs, there we can do that. Steps are pretty simple and straight forward. Below are images illustrating check-boxes to be enabled. In nutshell, we have to enable copy and paste for “User” by clicking in a check-box.

Settings for Copy function
Settings for Paste function

Choose action that you want to enable and in users window click in corresponding check-box.

And now it is perfect, the shared drive is visible for the User and I am able to copy code from it to needed location. Awesome!

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