“Magic” over coax cable

For most private homes in my area a good and quick internet is a challenge, optics is not an option most of the time and only quick connectivity I am left with is 5G (which is not a bad option). Problem with this choice that windows facing 5G tower are on 2nd floor and I have to figure way how to deliver wired connection from 2nd floor where 5G router is located to the 1st floor where all home devices are connected.

I have found out that there is option to use adapters connected at both ends of coax cable to pass through Ethernet connection at claimed speeds reaching 1Gb. This sounded great, because I have coax cables going all through the house, this allows me to have 5G router connected to one end of coax cable and the other end connected to the rest of existing home network, connecting both floors by wire.

According to labels on the box adapters should be able to reach 1 Gb/s speeds and I wanted to test this out. iPerf application can be used to measure maximum achievable bandwidth on your network. For this to work you have to set up a server on one of the devices you are testing connectivity and on the other device you are using as client and application is evaluating bandwidth speed between those two devices.

I did a few tests, first I tired measuring what are speeds passing throughout coax cable and best speeds I have achieved was 285 Mbits/sec although between two points that are connected by LAN I have measured over 900 Mbits/sec


I am satisfied with the speeds I have managed to measure, although manufacturer is noting that adapters are capable reaching 1 Gigabit speeds, there can be different reasons that can have an affect on decrease for bandwidth speed. Still being able to get up to 285 Mbits/sec from 2nd floor to the 1st, where I have all the devices linked is more than enough as it is unlikely that my internet connection will be getting up to that limit.

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